What should 2022-2025 in Chestermere look like?


Janelle has been proudly advocating for Chestermere spaces since 2014. She believes that crucial infrastructure is needed urgently to accommodate the growing population, including new and expanded schools, a wider variety of housing options, improved recreation and community spaces, and a critical look at the Hwy 1A corridor into Calgary. Janelle believes that this must be accomplished without sacrificing Chestermere's unique position as a desirable estate City in the heart of Southern Alberta. No tiny lots, no sardine can schools, all Chestermere!

Smart Growth


Chestermere's Council of 2018-2021 identified "partnerships" as a priority for their vision of Amazing Chestermere.  And they were right to do so!  There is a strong business case for pursuing win-win situtations with community partners.  Janelle would like to see the City's ties strengthened with local NPOs, the Rec Centre, and schools to build platoons of volunteers and entrepreneurs activated for community vitality.  Diversity and inclusion should be seen as opportunities to expand the range of great ideas available to policy makers.  Tourism growth strategies should be considered to support local businesses and infrastructure expenses.  Where there's a volunteer, there's a way!

Openness, Really

Live streaming Council Meetings was a good start, but there's more work to be done to achieve an elevated standard of democratic openness in Chestermere. Janelle believes openness means backing up statements with evidence, encouraging critical examination of evidence by stakeholders, and offering venues for dissent. Processes for the above must be reviewed with resident engagement. No barriers should exist for residents wishing to engage with the democratic process. Many residents have also expressed a desire to reduce the number of in camera Council sessions, as Calgary has done. Janelle believes in camera sessions can be reduced by half.

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