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In the Spring of 2014, Janelle decided to move her family to Chestermere from Calgary.  By January 2015 she had been appointed by Chestermere City Council to the Streetscrape Committee.  She served a total of 4 years on the committee, 2 of those as its first Treasurer.  This gave Janelle an introduction to municipal finances such as processes for budgeting and approvals.  The committee also collaborated with Council during this time to draft the City's Public Art Policy.

A colleague referred Janelle to the City of Chestermere Library Board and she was appointed as a Trustee in 2016 by Council.  In 2017 and 2018 she was appointed by her Board peers as Chair of the Governance Sub-Committee in order to utilize her talent for policy building, and was frequently designated as the "voice" of the Board.  In 2019, Janelle was elected by the Board to the Executive Team as Vice-Chair, and subsequently as Chair in 2020 and 2021.  Janelle led the Board through a significant period of change that included improvements to policies and processes, business plans, collaborating with the City on the new Civic Centre, hiring senior Library staff, and other high level strategic planning.

In 2021, Janelle left the Library Board to assist the Chestermere Public Library Foundation and was elected President.  She immediately got to work on strategic planning that included forming partnerships in the community.

Meanwhile, Janelle joined the Chestermere Regional Community Association Board (which manages Chestermere's Rec Centre) in 2020 and has been learning about its facility and membership issues.

Outside of Chestermere, Janelle volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area for 7 years (and is still friends with her Little!) and co-managed the Green Network, an organization that diverts office furniture from the landfill to charities who can use them.

These experiences have given Janelle a rigorous understanding of how policies, legislation, and the law work - including City bylaws and Provincial legislation.


Janelle lives in Chestermere with her husband and two children. They love walking along the lake, playing at the parks, and visiting the Library!

Rory, who is 5, will enter French Immersion this year, so Janelle has been researching school options. With an ever growing population of families like the Sandboes, improved school infrastructure has become a particular interest for Janelle.


The last Chestermere census showed that around 30% of Chestermere residents are children. That's a lot! As a mother of young children, Janelle is looking forward to representing Chestermere's many families.


Janelle graduated from the University of Calgary’s Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a 3.8 GPA. Some of her academic achievements include an invitation to the school’s Scholar’s Academy, several awards and bursaries, and a spot on the Dean’s list two years in a row.  Janelle graduated with the prestigious “with distinction” descriptor.

During this time Janelle had the opportunity to work extensively with speakers of endangered languages, spending most of her time with Blackfoot elders.  Janelle began 1-1 studies with a specialist at the school and conducted peer review of research on the Blackfoot "s".

Janelle also led as an Executive with the program's undergraduate society for the duration of her studies.

Complementing Janelle's degree are a minor in Communications Studies and two years of education through the Haskayne School of Business.  Janelle cites her Linguistics program’s efficacy at teaching logical reasoning through the scientific method, as well as the communication and business skills practiced in her other courses, as key components of her later successes.

But learning never ends!  In addition to her institutional training, Janelle regularly completes courses through Coursera, is fluent in French, and has taken Board training from the Province.


Janelle has made a career in Major Project Sales and Project Management. She has pitched, designed, and won projects cumulatively worth tens of millions of dollars, including Suncor Tower, ATCO Park, Calgary's New Central Library, and several AHS facilities.

Janelle's projects have focused on technical designs that involve lots of moving parts. Her designs help clients maximize the space in their facilities for the highest returns on investment.

Clients and colleagues describe Janelle as someone who "cares about everything from start to finish", a person who "gets results", and a "strategic thinker who can turn big goals into actionable tasks". (Recommendations on LinkedIn)

Having worked with so many business owners, Janelle has a deep understanding of how the most successful businesses operate. She values the role that business plays in Chestermere, and is excited to help businesses market themselves post-COVID.

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