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I want to hear from you.

Chestermere needs:


Action means taking reasonable, achievable steps towards major improvements for Chestermere.


Trust means that when the City says something is true, it is, and that you can always find the information you're looking for.

Smart Growth

Smart Growth means giving our schools, rec facilities, roads and other infrastructure a chance to catch up with our population growth.

"I'm running because our children deserve a better Chestermere than we have today."

A note from Janelle:

Chestermere is a unique City full of diverse and passionate people who rally around each other.  We volunteer, we run businesses, we have families and we care deeply about our home.  I have spent ten years working beside you and I am eager to deepen my service to Chestermere.

I have the integrity and experience to take meaningful action towards our goals - new schools, better recreation, better support for our not-for-profits and better planning for the future.


Living and Working in Chestermere

Janelle moved to Chestermere with her family in 2014.  In 2014 she was appointed by City Council to the Streetscape Committee, where she served for four years, including two years as the committee's first Treasurer.  In 2016 Janelle was referred to the Chestermere Library Board, where she was again appointed by City Council as a Board Trustee.  There, Janelle served as a Trustee, Vice-Chair and ultimately Chair of the Board for a total of 4.5 years.  She had the honour and misfortune of being Chair when the Library had to conduct its first shutdown due to COVID-19.  Janelle's local volunteer experience also includes 3.5 years on the Board of the CRCA (as member and Treasurer of the Board), 4 years coordinating volunteers for the Rocky View Chestermere Agricultural Society, membership with the Rotary Club of Chestermere, 100 Women Who Care - Chestermere, Chestermere Fine Art Guild and Chestermere Historical Foundation as well as countless other events, casinos and fundraisers.  These experiences have afforded Janelle a deep understanding of how the City of Chestermere and Province of Alberta operate, as well as a decade of experience in policy design, policy implementation, financial stewardship for public bodies and other essential governance skills.

In 2021 Janelle campaigned for a seat on Chestermere's City Council and though thousands of residents marked her name on the ballot, she fell short by only 81 votes. 


In 2023, Janelle and her husband opened a business called The Sandbox - a board game cafe and lounge located inside the Chestermere Recreation Center.

Professional Expertise and Education

Janelle graduated from the University of Calgary’s Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a 3.8 GPA. With an invitation to the school’s Scholar’s Academy, winning several awards and bursaries, and a spot on the Dean’s list two years in a row, Janelle graduated with the prestigious “with distinction” descriptor. During this time, Janelle also had opportunity to work extensively with Indigenous elders to study the sound systems of the Blackfoot language. Janelle lead as an Executive with the program’s undergraduate society for the duration of her studies.  She also completed a minor in Communications Studies, focusing on journalism ethics, with two years of education through the Haskayne School of Business.

Janelle's career began in Sales.  Her grit, energy and relationship building skills led her to begin working on Major Projects within 2 years.  She has now designed, pitched, won and managed tens of millions of dollars in projects.  These included notable projects with Alberta Health Services, Calgary Public Libraries (new Central Library), ATCO Park and others.

Janelle made a conscious shift from sales to fundraising in 2021 in an effort to deepen her service to the public.  She began managing the fundraising program for a $9M organization that served millions of people in over 100 different countries.  Janelle anticipates completing the requirements to achieve her Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) designation in 2024/2025 and subsequently pursuing her Masters of Business Administration.

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